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My own life’s journeys has taken me on many twists and turns, and with every new path, I have learned I needed the right people surrounding me and supporting me to carry on. When we have built the right team, it makes the lessons learned in the process a lot more bearable. Contact me at (864) 986-9821 or to start your journey.


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There are no words to express how wonderful Deshaya is. We did overnight packages with Deshaya for 3 nights per week as soon as we brought our baby home, and we did a slow taper on overnight sessions over the course of the 4th trimester. Our baby is now a healthy and happy 12 month old and she has been sleeping through the night for 12 hours since she was 4 months old! Deshaya has everything to do with this success. Sleep is so important for infants and Deshaya taught us how to tell the difference between a normal noisy infant sleeping and when to get her up to feed. I wanted to sleep train our baby and Deshaya supported me in this; She coached me along the way so that my baby’s needs were always met and made sure that I did not push our baby before she was ready. She helped me implement healthy sleep habits before our baby was ready to sleep train, which made sleep training easier. Deshaya supported me in putting our baby in the crib while she was still awake and drowsy, which taught our baby to self-soothe and fall asleep on her own. She also guided me through transitioning our baby from the bedside bassinet to her crib in the nursery. She supported me in breastfeeding, developed a daytime nap and feeding schedule, and troubleshooted everything from gassiness to baby-wearing. The most profound part of doing overnights with Deshaya is that she did not do the work for my husband and me- instead she taught us how to do it and gave us a break to re-group. My husband and I followed Deshaya’s overnight routine on the nights that she was not there, and this naturally developed into a healthy sleep routine for our baby, and it has helped our baby flourish into a healthy toddler. Deshaya is everything that a new parent needs in their life- she is a coach, educator, supporter, and “baby whisperer”. Her experience with newborns is indispensable, and she has an upbeat and positive influence on the entire household.

R. Fox

It’s difficult to put into words how significant Deshaya was to myself and my family after the birth of my daughter in August. My daughter is my fourth child in five years, and the pregnancy was physically and emotionally challenging. We have a busy household, and stressful jobs, and the need for “overnight support” was obvious from a practical standpoint. Having weathered post partum solo for my other three children, I was somewhat ignorant about what the relationship and arrangement would look like. What emerged, and what we gained, was of benefit and value to us all. The piece of mind that Deshaya brought to our home allowed me the luxury of carefree sleep. Knowing that my newborn was being cared for by a loving, trustworthy, and compassionate professional was worth its weight in gold. With sleep came clarity, and the ability to be present for my other children. With appropriate rest I was able to care for myself so that I could meet the needs of my newborn.and face the inherent challenges of breastfeeding. And with the luxury of having someone who truly understands labor, delivery, and post partum care by my side. I found myself braver, stronger, and without the unspoken loneliness that I experienced with my other children. Having Deshaya as part of my daughter’s lives, and our household, has been a tremendous blessing with endless rewards.

K. Banagan