Birth Doula

Doula is Greek meaning ‘a woman who serves’. As a doula I serve women and their partners by providing support during pregnancy, labor, birth, and beyond! I arrive when you need me and stay until several hours after baby is born. Doctors, midwives and nurses come and go. I am the consistent presence that helps you feel comfortable and safe, but also recognizes and supports your privacy and bonding as a new family.

Deshaya Williams has many years of experience working with people in all facets of life development. Deshaya started her education at Penn State University where she obtained a Bachelors in Human Development and Family Studies where she focused on Children Youth and Families. While in pursuit of chasing her olympic dreams she continued her education at Penn State to obtain a Masters degree in Higher Education with a strong focus in student affairs. After completing her run as an Olympic hopeful Deshaya moved to South Carolina to pursue ministry endeavors where she served as a youth pastor while obtaining her Masters in Divinity from Due West, SC. Deshaya is a fully trained doula through DONA international. She is able to support women and families as both a birth and postpartum doula. 

The joy of Deshaya’s life is serving and supporting others in varying capacities and varying stages of their lives. Partnering with others to help them have the birth they desire, achieve a fitness goal, or find homeostasis again after an event is the blood flow that helps keep her stable.

The fee for birth doula services includes 2 prenatal meetings, I will be on call from 38 weeks until your baby is born. My presence and support during labor, birth, and several hours after, and at least one postpartum visit in your home.  I am always available to clients via phone, email or text to answer questions and provide support as long as you need to! Please Email or Call for more details and questions concerning services. 

Baby and parents
Deshaya and family 2

I want all who desire the support of a doula to have one! I take payments via cash, venmo, or Paypal. 

I strive to provide support to the entire family.  I would be honored to help you prepare for the birth of your baby and support you down the path birth takes you. The birth of your baby is a very special time for both you and your partner. Your partner is your Number 1 support! My job is to help them support you at whatever level they are comfortable with, and to provide support to them too. I make sure you both have what you need, while holding the space so you can labor and birth in whatever way is best for you.

I meet with clients several times before their due date. We discuss the choices you have from wearing a hospital gown or your own, to options in pain relief, and everything in between! We will review comfort measures and ways your partner can support and help you during labor and birth. If you have other children, we discuss how to prepare them for a sibling.  

Once the big day arrives and you are in labor I will join you whenever you wish. At your home and/or the hospital. I stay with you during labor, birth and several hours after to help you get settled, while still providing you the time and space to get to know your baby, and make sure you both have eaten and rested!

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Due to COVID, some adjustments may be necessary. 

Post Partum Doula Services

Support for the 4th Trimester and Beyond

As a Postpartum Doula, I DO NOT:
  • Evaluate mother’s or baby’s medical condition
  • Insist new parents care for the baby in any particular way
  • Do heavy house cleaning (scrubbing floors, cleaning bathtubs, etc)
  • Babysit siblings
As Postpartum Doula I DO:

Physical comfort to new mother

  • Helps mother care for her postpartum body
  • Encourages mom to eat properly and drink plenty of fluids
  • Allows her to rest when baby is resting or shower and nurture herself
  • Supports her choice to breast or bottle feed

Emotional Support

  • Listens to the story of the birth
  • Validate the normal adjustment process
  • Supports mother through emotional vulnerability
  • Supports father through transition of new role
  • Supports siblings in their new role

Guidance in infant care

  • Supports mom and partner in their feeding choices
  • Gives information on newborn care recommendations
  • Aids parents in developing their own styles of nurturing and bonding with baby
  • Solutions to common breastfeeding challenges in first few weeks
  • Proper storage of breastmilk and formula
  • Pumping information and guidance

Household assistance, if requested:

  • Prepare meals and snacks for the new mother and family
  • Cleans and prepares bottles and helps with nursery set-up
  • Runs errands: shops for food, supplies, etc (money to be provided by CLIENT)
  • May do baby laundry and other light cleaning.

Contact me at (864) 986-9821 or to learn more.

CLIENT acknowledges that DOULA has provided concrete information about the benefits of using a postpartum doula, and have read all included documents.

CLIENT does not hold DOULA responsible or liable for any mishaps that is beyond their control (car accident or etc)

CLIENT acknowledges they are responsible for their postpartum choices