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Life Coaching Services

Things look really good in your life by “objective” standards but you still feel a longing?
You want to start a business but can’t get it off the ground?
You have physical ailments you’d like to heal?
You want to be in a relationship but can’t seem to find someone?
You have a business but it’s not growing?
There are recurring negative events that keep happening “to” you?
You are at odds with your life partner, business partner, family member or coworker?
Recently lost a loved one and feeling disconnected from all things?

If any of these apply to you then Renewed Youth can help! And the good news is that you don’t have to live locally to benefit—in most cases phone sessions work just as well as in-person ones.

I will help you find the places where you are not “in the flow” of life, where you are trying to swim upstream. We all have some areas where we are out of alignment in this way, but often we don’t know it. The secret is to find those hidden spots and then heal them. You can’t heal them if you don’t know they are there!

Where the problem involves a conflict with another person or group of people, the process is similar. The “group” is out of alignment in some way and I can help you come back into alignment. It is a spiritual law that no one has to “lose” in order for someone else to “win”. There is a solution in which everyone’s best interest is served! Of course, finding that solution can take some work.

$80 per hour

Special : 2 month package 1 x per week $550 (advance payment)

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